Lemon Coconut Cake (Gluten Free, Milk Free)

Lemon Cakes and Cinnamon Rolls

I made these Lemon Coconut Cakes for a friend of mine who can't eat soy, gluten, or dairy (milk - eggs are ok). Frankly, a lot of the gluten free recipes I've tried leave a lot to be desired both in taste and in texture. And, while these cakes tasted a bit oily at first. I haven't worked with coconut oil before. I wonder if the amount used could be backed off just a bit? Still, the cakes were spongy and light. I was thrilled they came out of the molds without a fuss!

The lemon, confectioner's sugar icing made all the difference. or the drizzle, I made a fairly thin layer of lemon and confectioner's sugar so the juice would sink into the cake a bit. Then, I made a thicker layer - almost as thick as frosting, to decorate the tops.

I don't have pictures. I took them to a party and — they're gone already. I think that's a good sign these can be served again!

I got the recipe off the My Gluten-Free Kitchen blog.

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