Book Review: Joyful Pages: Adventures in Art Journaling

Joyful Pages (Book Cover)

Joyful Pages: Adventures in Art Journaling by Judith Cassel-Mamet. (2017). Denver, Colorado: Adventure Journal Press. ISBN 978-0-998-31410-5

From the start, Judith Cassel-Mamet sets a tone for her book, Joyful Pages: Adventures in Art Journaling, that is as inviting and non-threatening as the title implies. She sets aside the stuffy, sometimes tortured definitions of "art", "journaling", and "art journaling" that appear in some academic texts, and encourages readers to explore the process in a way that feels comfortable, authentic, and personally fulfilling. She writes:

Art journaling puts the focus on the process of exploration, rather than the product. It can be both art and journal writing. It can be used as a diary and a sketchbook all combined in one spot. Art journaling is freeing, playful and joyful if the focus is on the experience rather than the end result of perfect pages. (p. 7)

I found Joyful Pages to be a quick read—I think it took me less than an hour. Along with Cassel-Mammet's words of encouragement, you will find writing/journaling prompts, materials lists, and lessons to help you get comfortable with inks, chalks, stamps, stencils and more. I did not find a lot of new ideas in this book, but I can easily recommend this for beginners, as well as those who might be stuck in their art journaling practice and are looking for some inspiration.

Have you read this book? Let me know what I've got wrong (or right!).

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