Sunday Inspiration: Plarn

Crocheted Plarn

Ok, so I am not actually inspired by plarn ("plastic yarn"), but I am inspired by the people who figured out how to use old plastic bags for making knit and crochet objects instead of throwing them into the garbage after one or two uses.

Plarn Bag (WIP)

There are a bunch of YouTube videos showing how to cut plastic bags into stripped loops and then knot them together to make one long piece of plastic. This strip can be knit or crocheted into bags or rugs or other utilitarian items. While I try not to take a bag at the store, I do, occasionally, and they have been crammed into the cupboard underneath the sink. I have used up about two-thirds of what was there to start crocheting a plarn tote bag. Most of the videos suggest using plastic grocery bags, but I have found that plastic vegetable bags, used up ziploc bags, bread bags, and other plastics can work just as well with a little fiddling with the width of the plastic (the heavier the plastic, the thinner the strips can be). It does not bother me if the plarn is not uniform.

Plarn Bag

At the moment, I have run out of plastic bags to cut up, but I can add to the loose plarn end as I get plastic. (And, no, I am not going to the store to purposefully get plastic bags. I will add to the tote as the plastic becomes available in the normal course things).

This is a super easy way to give those plastic bags a new life.

Have you made things from plarn? Let me know!