Sunday Inspiration: Images from My Back Yard

Red Berries - Inspiration for Collage Art

Many times, when I take photographs on walks around my neighborhood or the places I visit, I look for the small stuff: ordinary details that might go unnoticed, but that add interest to collages.

Moss, Lichen, Fungus - Inspiration for collage artwork

I never know when some textural element from nature - lichen, moss, fungus, sticks, leaves, or other flora or fauna - will show up in my artwork. I find it helpful to take a lot of pictures and keep them on file for inspiration.

Moss, Rocks and Stump - inspiration for collage artwork

Even if the images are not perfect, I try to keep my eyes open for colors, movement, or the varying ways in which plants, rocks, trees, grasses, and berries are "composed" in their natural environment.

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