Book Reviews: Some of my Favorite Collage Books

Collage Books

I recently made my way through Collage: Critical Views and Collage, Assemblage, and the Found Object, two historical and academic books on collage. But, to be honest, after the show this past weekend, I am not up to the task of giving them my greatest attention to write a review.

So, this week, I will remind you of a couple of my favorite collage books from previous blog postings. Links to all of the books I have reviewed may be found here in the Resources section.

I reviewed Angels of Anarchy: Women Artists and Surrealism by author and editor Patricia Allmer in February of this year. Not only did I love the images in the book (those could stand on their own), I appreciated the insights that Allmer and the other contributors brought to the topic of Surrealism.

Collage: Contemporary artists hunt and gather, cut and paste, mash up and transform by Danielle Krysa, a book I reviewed in February as well, is a delightful book that shows how each collage artist brought their own personalities and style to a single assignment: make a collage using at least some portion of a photograph provided by the author.

I have learned something new from every book I have reviewed, so I encourage you to explore and find your favorites here.

I will return to my regular book review schedule next week.

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