Blueberry Field and Birches Collages on Sale Today

Blueberry Field #2 Collage Art.jpg

I've listed some Blueberry Field and Birches 4" x 4" layered paper art collages on eBay. These retail for $45. Buy now for $20 or start bidding at $15. Originals, not prints. Mounted in white 8" x 8" mat. Each one is slightly different. Detailed images included with the listings. Offers expiring today (Sunday) May 6, 2017

  1. Blueberry Field #8
  2. Blueberry Field #11
  3. Blueberry Field #16
  4. Blueberry Field #2
  5. Blueberry Field #22
  6. Blueberry Field #15
  7. Blueberry Field #19
Birches Collage.jpg

This Birches #30 is also on sale. Same pricing as above.

Each collage is handmade by me using hand-stamped and altered paper, acrylics and thread on mixed media paper. The collages are 4" x 4" and are mounted in white 8" x 8" mats. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

If you would like to purchase one of these collages, but missed the auction, please contact me Sunday and I will split the difference between the auction and Buy now prices and offer the collages at $18, plus shipping and Maine sales tax (where applicable). Offer good on these listings only. Offer expires midnight May 7, 2017.