In Honor of Annie Pootoogook - Collage Work in Progress

In Honor of Annie Poogoogook collage work in progress.jpg

I cringe a little when I post a work in progress - particularly a portrait - because, to get to the good stuff, I sometimes have to go through some ugly stages. I've actually finished the piece (or nearly so), so it's "safe" to post this earlier stage of the collage.

Annie Pootoogook was a Canadian Inuk artist known for her work portraying her every day life in Cape Dorset. I first came across her work a few months ago when I watched a 2006 documentary by Marcia Connelly. It was a moving piece that captured the spirit of Annie's work and life. Her drawings were simply, by some standards, but powerful in their depiction of her life as she'd experienced it: watching Dr. Phil or Jerry Springer on television, community dinners and shopping excursions, and relationships, which were not always easy and included scenes of domestic violence and struggles with alcohol.

I was saddened to find out that Annie died in September of 2016. The circumstances of her death are uncertain. She was found in the Rideau River in Ottawa. But what is known is that the world lost a remarkable woman and artist at her passing.

I'm in the process of researching her life for an essay I'll do when I post the final version of my collage--most likely next week.