This Week's Art Week in Review: Refrigerator Magnets

This week's art week in review: Refrigerator Magnets. I've listed a bunch of refrigerator magnet art collages in my shop (click here) and also on Facebook (click here). The Facebook shop is a bit of an experiment. I'm not able to customize the shipping costs at this point. If you purchase an item there and the shipping is more than $1 over what it costs to ship to your actual location, I will refund the difference.

Greeting Card Images.jpg

Also, I'm taking greeting card orders (due 5/15/2017) for the following featured cards: Blueberry Field and Tree, Girl Holding a Lobster, Sunflower 2, Queen Anne's Lace in Vase with Birches, and Fish and Dragonfly. These cards are 5" x 7" and blank inside. They retail for $4.95 each, but by pooling the orders, I can offer a better price. As a group, if we reach 9 to 24 cards of any single design, the price is $3.95/card. If we reach 25+, the price is $3.00/card. As of today, the Blueberry Field and Tree card is at the $3.95/card level. All other cards are $4.95/card. This could change by 5/15/2017. I post updates on Monday. To join the Greeting Card Club, contact me with the name of the card(s) you'd like to order and the quantity.


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