New Refrigerator Magnet Art Collages (2" x 3")

Emily - Refrigerator Art Collage.jpg

I finished some new refrigerator magnet art collages this week. They are posted on my website, here, and in my Facebook shop, here. This grouping is from my "People Holding Lobsters" series.

Brea Refrigerator Art Collage.jpg

These are made in the same way as my larger wall art, using hand-stamped paper cut and adhered to a 2" x 3" canvas with magnet. They are original pieces of work, not prints. No two are exactly alike.

Hannah Refrigerator Magnet Art Collage.jpg

I also have refrigerator magnet art collages with vases and flowers, as well as trees and ferns--scenes typical of Maine. These will be available at the Greater Gardiner River Festival on June 17, 2017.


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