Greeting Card Club Update - Orders Due April 15, 2017

Greeting Cards.jpg

This month's offering for greeting cards include: Apple Blossoms in Turquoise Vase, Sage and Rose Campion, Queen Anne's Lace in Green Vase, Birches at Sunset, and Forsythia.

As of today, the Apple Blossoms in Turquoise Vase cards and the Sage and Rose Campion cards have reached the $3.95 each price. All the other cards, Queen Anne's Lace in Green Vase, Birches at Sunset, and Forsythia are $4.95 each.

There is still time to place orders by contacting me with the title of the card(s) you would like and the quantity. Orders are due by April 15, 2017. The more cards ordered, the better price I can give on cards: 10-24 are $3.95 each; 25+ are $3.00 each, plus shipping. I'll pool the orders from club members and adjust the pricing accordingly.

If you don't have a chance to order cards, but are in the Gorham, ME area Aprill 22, 2017, I will be participating in the USM Gorham Craft Fair. All greeting cards at the show will be priced at $3.95 each ($3.00 each for 6 or more cards).


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