New Images for the Greeting Card Club

Greeting Card Images.jpg

Apple Blossoms in Turquoise Vase, Sage and Rose Campion, Queen Anne's Lace in Green Vase, Birches at Sunset, and Forsythia: these are the new images for the Greeting Card Club.

Club members: Please contact me by April 15, 2017 if you are interested in purchasing greeting cards. They are 5" x 7" and blank inside. Envelopes included. Anyone can join. I'll need your email address, the name and quantity of the cards you're ordering.

I will pool the orders to get the best price. 1-9 cards are $4.95 each; 10-24 cards are $3.95 each; 25+ cards are $3.00 each. As you can see, the larger the bulk order, the better the price, so let your friends and family know about this offer as well.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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