In Honor of Grace Roberts - Collage Work in Progress

In Honor of Grace Roberts (WIP).jpg

This collage, In Honor of Grace Roberts, is actually finished in real life--only a few people have seen it. I am posting this as a work in progress today, in its early stages, because, unfortunately, Grace Roberts was murdered in December 1917 and I need time to write up my thoughts about that.

Normally, I avoid stories like this, but I've been thinking a lot about domestic violence, women's rights and human rights over the past few months in particular. The headlines in newspapers of January 1, 1917 caught my attention and, honestly, it made me wonder how far we really have come in 100 years. Not far enough, I'm afraid, and, some days these days it feels like we are slipping back into the dark ages.

My research into the account of Grace Roberts' death--and what little I can find about her life--is almost complete. I will be posting an essay, along with the finished work hopefully next week.


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