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Collage Pendant Necklace

The past couple week I have been playing around with some collage jewelry: necklaces and brooches. These are 1" x 1" layered paper collages set in bezel trays and coated with a thick layer of clear acrylic. I took them to a show last weekend and received good feedback. I decided to give them a test-drive and started listing the necklaces, here, in my SHOP (find them in the drop down menu at the top of this page). The brooches are still drying and will be added in the near future.

Me wearing a collage necklace I made

Please note that, while the acrylic coating is durable, it will soften if exposed to water or excessive heat for too long. However, unlike resin, which is admittedly harder, the acrylic I chose is much, much less toxic and safer for me, the wearer, and the environment. Light-duty wear is perfect for this jewelry.

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