Sunday Inspiration: People at Arts and Crafts Shows

Orange Blooms 2 - Layered Paper Collage

Orange Blooms 2. Layered paper collage. Hand-stamped and altered paper with acrylics on 8" x 10" x .75" canvas. Sold.

As an introvert, it took me a long time to warm up to shows, like the UMaine Alumni Association Craft Fair and Maine Marketplace in Orono, Maine (day 2 is today from 10am to 4pm). What's made doing shows easier for me is the people who attend local craft shows like this one--both as vendors and as visitors for the day. I love the questions people ask and the conversations people strike up when they visit my booth. I usually come away with new insights and inspiration. Not everyone likes my collages or is in a position to buy - that's totally fine. But, when I make a connection with someone who "gets" what I am doing with my artwork, I'm totally thrilled. And, when someone can make a purchase--big or small--I am honored to see something I made going to such good homes. So, today's inspiration is the people at craft shows. I look forward to meeting people at today's event and thank everyone in advance for their support.

I will be updating my SHOP by tomorrow, October 16, 2017. Until then all purchases made through this website are subject to availability.