Printing Paper

hand-cut stamp and roller.jpg

Some of you were asking about how I print paper. There are many ways, but here, I used a hand-cut stamp and a roller to cover the stamp with acrylic paint.

stamping paper.jpg

I put the paint-covered block face down on the paper and press the back so there is (hopefully) even contact on all points of the block.

hand-stamping paper.jpg

I repeat the process several times until the paper is completely covered.

hand-stamping paper.jpg

Here I'm lifting the stamp to see how the printing went. This part, to me, is a little like magic!

After the paper is dry it will be ready to use. This week, I'm working on papier mache ornaments, but this paper would be great for canvases or the vases, so I'm hoping there's leftovers!

What project (creative or otherwise) are you working on today?


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