What is Layered Paper Collage?

Layered Paper Collage Samples.jpg

One of the most common questions I get is "What is Layered Paper Collage?"

Layered Paper Collage Process (1).jpg

I thought these samples, made on 2" x 3" refrigerator magnets, would help people visualize the process.

Layered Paper Collage Process (2).jpg

Layered paper collage involves taking bits of paper and gluing them down on a substrate (in this case, canvas with a magnet on the back). The background for this sample is made from brown and blue hand-stamped paper.

Layered Paper Collage Process (3).jpg

Here, I've added some green to make a stem and leaves. I've also started adding orange petals for the flower.

Layered Paper Collage Process (4).jpg

This is the finished flower. I will probably add a couple coats of varnish to each piece so people can handle the magnets at the show. It's interesting to be able to touch the pieces and better understand the textures.

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