From the Road Vase - Adding Collaged Paper Flowers

From the Road Vase and Flower.jpg

I decided my papier mache vases needed collaged paper flowers to go with them. I will be adding more flowers, but was excited with how this first one turned out.

From the Road Vase with Flower.jpg

Adding flowers will finish off the vase nicely.

Plaster of Paris base (WIP).jpg

I'm also working on making Plaster of Paris bases to mount the flowers onto. This will give the finished piece a little weight and let me arrange the flowers how I want them. These tubes will fit into the middle of the paper vase. They'll be removable, so it will be possible to mix and match flower arrangements for the vases. (No water for these vases--the paper will dissolve).

What projects (creative or otherwise) are you working on today?


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