6 Things I've Learned by Drawing (Self) Portraits

Wes Charcoal Drawing.jpg

Until January 2016, I hadn't drawn faces, much. Here are some things I've learned by stepping out of my comfort zone.


1. I am biased about my face. It is not what I think it is.

Self-Portrait Sketch.jpg

2. Drawing my nose isn't about my nose. It's about the shading - the dark and light areas around my nose. Ditto for the other features.


3. It's weird seeing even the slightest resemblance of myself staring back at me from what once was a blank page.


4. It's a curiosity to me when I see my face all wonka-doo on the page. It's me and not me at the same time. It makes me laugh.


6. Sometimes I am self-conscious about drawing faces. Sometimes, letting go and just scribbling on the page results in interesting effects.


6. The more relaxed I become about drawing my own face, the easier it seems to draw others' faces. These are sketches of my instructor's son, Wes.


Oh, and #7. I am still learning to see what is actually there instead of what I think is there in a face...and having fun in the process. I hope you will try portraits as well.

What projects (creative or otherwise) are you working on today?


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