Refrigerator Art Collage: Orange Flowers in Vases

Comfort Refrigerator Art Collage.jpg

In getting ready for the Winthrop Sidewalk Art Festival on August 20, 2016, I've started making 2" x 3" refrigerator art collages.

Orange Blooms Refrigerator Art Collage.jpg

I love these little pieces. They are made in the same way as my larger wall art using hand-stamped paper, acrylics, and thread. They are adhered to canvas with a magnet on the back.

Summer Glow Refrigerator Art Collage.jpg

I enjoy making collages with similar themes, but changing the elements just slightly to make each piece unique. These refrigerator art collages and others can be found in the Shop: Art Originals section of my website.

What projects (creative or otherwise) are you working on today?


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