Split-Second Sketches

Quick Sketch 1.jp

I went to Damariscotta this past weekend to enter three collages in an open juried show at River Arts. It's a two hour drive one-way and my partner likes to drive, so I made these quick, split-second sketches to pass the time.

Quick Sketch 2.jpg

Each piece of paper is, roughly, 3" x 4". I used marker for the drawings. Each sketch represents a scene we came across as we traveled. I only had 10-20 seconds to get something down on the page before we sped by.

Quick Sketch 3.jpg

Some of the sketches were unrecognizable, but the idea was to keep my hand moving and not worry too much about results. I did seem to "freeze" when it came to drawing people. I missed out on several opportunities when the traffic slowed in Camden. Maybe next time!

What projects (creative or otherwise) are you working on today?


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