Fresh Cut 2" x 3" Refrigerator Art Collage

Fresh Cut Refrigerator Magnet Art Collage.jpg

I'm listening to the rain on the roof as I write this blog post. Love that sound!

Fresh Cut Refrigerator Art collage.jpg

Here is another in a series of 2" x 3" refrigerator art collage pieces I am working on. This one has a vase with flowers in front of a window. I don't think I will tire of these very soon!

Fresh Cut refrigerator art collage.jpg

I am using the same collage techniques with these as I do my larger pieces: hand-stamped paper with acrylics and thread. I am reminded how much I enjoy working "small." There is more space to work with than you'd think.

What projects (creative or otherwise) are you working on today?


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One of my collages is available for sale at the Discovery Museum in Bangor, ME and is part of the Bangor Art Society's juried show until June 3.