Art Journal: Playing with Molding Paste

Blueprint Page 1.jpg

I've been wanting to add something into my collage that symbolizes my dad. He was an architect, so the idea of blueprints came to mind. Since I don't have any of his original work, I thought I might draw a blueprint. But, there's a reason why people go to school to learn that skill. It's complicated.

Blueprint Journal pages.jpg

I can make paper with architectural elements or even photocopy some from the web, but for some reason, I really, really, really wanted texture. What I came up with is light molding paste and scratching in the images with a toothpick. I think my dad would have appreciated that, since he was also a model train enthusiast and was always coming up with innovative was to build his miniature towns, lakes and forests through which is HO trains passed.

Blueprint Page 2.jpg

The molding paste took acrylics, collage and marker brilliantly, so I am sure I can easily work these designs into my upcoming work. I like how the grooves in the images made the paint pool darker here, lighter there. I'm going to have fun with this!

What new discovery have you made in your artwork?


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