Shibori on Paper?

Hand painted paper towel.jpg

Someone posted on facebook a tutorial about Shibori, a technique of folding, clipping or binding, and dyeing fabric. This got me wondering whether this could work on paper.

Hand-painted tissue paper.jpg

The answer is yes and no. The technique works to varying degrees, depending on what folds and bindings are used and the absorbency of the paper. I was able to stain this tissue paper by folding it in a triangle and wetting the corners. It didn't respond well to some of the other methods I tried.

Hand-Painted Rice Paper.jpg

Rice paper worked. I was using watered down acrylics. Perhaps dyes would absorb deeper into the paper, but I like this effect.

Hand-painted paper towel.jpg

Of the papers I tried, paper towel was the most absorbent (one-ply and two-ply both worked). I even used old paper towel with left over paint stains from other projects. It gives a random, abstract effect.

Hand-painted and stamped paper towel.jpg

This paper towel had a old stains to begin with. After I folded the paper and stained the corners, I added stamping and splatters. I can see this as a starting point for some background or cut up into smaller pieces for a detailed effect.

All-in-all, I'd say this is a technique that can be explored further. The more absorbent the paper, the more successful the results. Tissue paper can be used, but is limited by its relative lack of absorbency and also delicacy (it tears easily).

What new techniques will you try in your artwork this week?


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