Funny Fast Figures

Funny Fast Figures 1.jpg

For the next two weeks, we're drawing fast figures in the class I'm taking. These are sketches that take less than 30 seconds and are supposed to capture movement. This is new for me. I like the challenge.

I share the work not because it's "good" (I don't think it is), but for what I'm am learning by stepping out of my comfort zone. I noticed during this first series how self-conscious I feel about drawing figures. I have a lot of preconceived notions about how "hard" it is to draw a human figure and what it's "supposed" to look like. My hope is that over the next two weeks, I can break down some of my own mental barriers, focus on the shapes, and find a rhythm to the shapes.

In this series, I see the beginnings of some interesting gestures and I look forward to drawing many more of these "fast figures."

What do you do in your own art practice to step out of your comfort zone?


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