Chasing Rabbits (The Antidote to Artist's "Block")

Chasing Rabbits.jpg

I usually post an "Art Week In Review" on Saturdays, but rather than just posting any old thing for the sake of posting something, I'm skipping this week. Truth is, I didn't produce much this week. I was tired and needed a break from my studio.

I didn't have artist's block, exactly. I have tons of ideas floating in my head--almost too many. It got crowded in there, so I decided to do other things instead: I took walks, even when it was spitting snow and rain at me. I hooked up with a friend for sushi. I read about collage, watched movies (some really good, some laughably awful), researched an article I'll write for Wikipedia about a book called "Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend" (if I can find enough reliable sources), rearranged some sections of my website, and started a new daily feature for facebook and twitter that talks about facts from the art world 100 years ago. The break from my normal routine (what an art instructor of mine calls "chasing rabbits") left me feeling rejuvenated and ready to get back to my studio.

My Art Week in Review videos will start up again next week.

What do you do when your artistic and creative energies feel "blocked"?


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