Dali Doodles

Dali Sketch #1.jpg

For the next two weeks, we're looking at the work of Salvador Dali in the class I'm taking.

Dali Sketch #2.jpg

I'm sharing my work not because I think the end result is all that great - or even complete in some cases - but because, to me, art is the process of finding out "what if." What if I doodle on top of this Dali sketch using a design roughly based on 1960s fabric designs and colors?

Dali Sketch #3.jpg

And what if I doodle on top of this Dali sketch using colors I normally would not use?

Dali Sketch #3.jpg

I think people shy away from making "art" because of a fear of making mistakes. Are these sketches "works of art?" Not in my mind. But, did I learn something by playing around with pattern and color? You bet!

How can you push the boundaries of your art today?


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