Sketches with Simple Shapes from Children's Art

Blue Bug.jpg

I decided Sunday was "Funday," so I played around with simple shapes from some of the artwork posted on my facebook page. This blue bug is inspired by artist Noah's work.


House with Rabbits.jpg

This house with rabbits is inspired by artist Valerie's work.

Peter Rabbit.jpg

This Peter Rabbit sketch is inspired by artist Grace's work.

Ceiling Fan.jpg

This ceiling fan is inspired by artist Noah's work.

My apologies to the artists for any misrepresentations or wayward slips of the scissors. My rendition of their work is contour cut mixed media paper with gesso and acrylics.

Also, I probably won't have time to do a sampling from everyone's work before I need to move on to the next lesson. I don't mean to leave anyone out. Please know I am totally inspired by the works you've all shared. Thank you for your inspiration!

What are you doing today to make Sunday a fun day?


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