Art Journaling. Ok. I'm Addicted!

Two art journals.jpg

I came across the idea of "art journaling" last year. I didn't know it was a "thing," but it's a "thing"! A really cool thing!

Art journal write draw ideas.jpg


I realized this morning, I have 5 art journals in progress. All for different purposes: sketches, more-or-less finished pieces, brainstorming, and one that's made from an old garden supply catalog that I'm making into a book just because I thought it would be fun. The format for the write/draw/ideas/misc journal page (above) is from a class I'm taking with Carla Sonheim.




I just started a fifth book I think I'll use as a sort of reference for text, poetry, inspirational quotes and the like. I'll post more about that when I've got something in it!

Do you keep an art journal? If so, what do you keep in it?


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