Art Journal: Keeping Pages from Sticking (An Experiment)


I've noticed the pages of my art journal stick together. I'm using acrylics, so that's probably the culprit. I've tried coating the pages with varnish, but that doesn't help. Wax paper between the pages does help, but looks ugly.

I did some poking around online and the two most suggested solutions were to sprinkle the pages with a light dusting of baby powder or cornstarch or coat the pages with wax. Not sure how long-lasting the baby powder or cornstarch solution would be.

Dorland's makes a wax medium, but my local craft store doesn't carry it. In lieu of ordering the wax online and waiting for it to arrive in the mail, I grabbed some butcher's wax that I had on hand. The two products seem to have similar ingredients and the butcher's wax dries clear, so I figured it can't hurt to experiment on my art journal.

I coated the finished pages with wax, waited a bit, then buffed the wax off. This didn't hurt the appearance of my artwork any in terms of color or texture, though I would suggest not buffing too hard.

I left the wax paper in between sheets to let the wax cure. I'll check it again in a couple days and see what's what. Hopefully, no more sticking pages!

Suggestions for this technique (if it works): wear gloves and pick a day to do this outside - the wax has a strong odor that's not good to breathe in.

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