Sketchbook: Sparrows


Over the past few days, I've been using colors loosely based on an Anne Ryan collage as a starting off point for sketches. This time, I started with red instead of more neutral colors and I found myself struggling with this sketch all the way. I also wasn't clear at the start what I wanted to accomplish. I thought "abstract" initially, but then started adding in familiar elements -- such as the collage stone wall--and then I just fell back to a hydrangea-ish bush in the foreground. I still don't like the sketch that much, but I did learn some things. I pushed through to a place where I felt I could stop. It seems like I "saved it" from total disaster and chaos. I do like bits and pieces of sketch (like the color combination)--just not the thing as a whole. And, I got to practice painting sparrows, which, I'm still not 100% comfortable with but I find so fun to paint.