Year's End - Art Journal Pages

Year's End Art Journal Page 1.jpg

These two journal pages took some unexpected turns. I worked the pages until I felt stuck, then gave it a day or two.

Art Journal WIP.jpg

I decided the problem was that I couldn't (at first) decide whether this was a background or if it was an abstract meant to stand on its own. I decided to go abstract.

Year's End Journal Pages.jpg

I tried to be receptive to the idea of "responding" to the colors and shapes. And after many layers, arrived at a point where 1) I ran out of ideas; 2) none of the detailing I tried enhanced the piece; and 3) I felt the pages were finished.

Year's End Art Journal Page 2.jpg

I am beginning to understand, at least on a rudimentary level, what it means (for me) to make an abstract collage. I like that all the tried and abandoned attempts underlying these pages help inform the finished piece. I am quite satisfied with these results and plan to explore these ideas further in 2016.

What ideas (artistic or otherwise) are you planning to explore in the new year?


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