Greeting Cards

Blue and Purple Flowers (B).jpg

It's been fun to see which greeting cards made from images of my collages are getting the most response. People like purple.

Sage and Rose Campion Card.jpg

...And the "organic" feel to the sage and rose campion.

Birches at Sunset.jpg

...And the textured feel of "Birches at Sunset." But, I find it's difficult to pick a favorite.

I've been adding more images to my Fine Art America shop this week. I'm waiting for proofs of the first 6 images, but have seen all the others in person. Turnaround time is usually a week.

Pink Flowers in Purple Vase.jpg

I look forward to adding more images in the upcoming days.

What imagery do you enjoy on a greeting card? Content? Colors? (Text can be added to the inside at checkout, so I'll leave the messages to you).