Art Journal: Ouija

ouija art journal page 1.jpg

I've been reading about Ouija. Fascinating reading! Spoiler alert: psychologists, researchers, magicians, thought-readers and illusionists all knew by the mid- to late- 1800's and early 1900's that the source of the messages obtained through automatic writing come from the participants consciously or non-consciously pushing the planchette due to a phenomenon called the "ideomotor effect" and not spirits or outside sources. Fun to pretend otherwise, but, alas, that's all it is...pretend.

ouija art journal pages.jpg

This mixed media art journal entry includes a quote from Margaret R. Smith, published in September 1900's Popular Science Monthly when she reviewed The Modern Occult, by Professor Joseph Jastrow:

"The reason for the development of these occult beliefs are: ignorance, a somewhat feeble cast of mind that does not perceive the errors of false logic, and tends naturally to superstition, and an undue anxiety concerning one’s own personality. The antidote lies in the diffusion of exact knowledge."

ouija journal page 2.jpg

May all your Ouija messages spell out: B-E-S-T W-I-S-H-E-S and G-O-O-D H-E-A-L-T-H.


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