Saturday's Garden | 11" x 14" Mixed Media Wall Art | Work in Progress

Saturday's Garden WIP - Detail.jpg

I decided to stick with the flowers for a little bit. I started with collage papers for texture, then moved to acrylic paints.

Saturday's Garden WIP - Detail.jpg

I ended up darkening the background so it wouldn't conflict with the flower garden.

Saturday's Garden Canvas.jpg

Now that hard part...waiting for the paint to dry so I can go in and add a few finishing details -- maybe with a brush, but probably with a marker. Then, I will put a couple coats of varnish on it to protect the surface.

I plan to put Saturday's Garden, an 11" x 14" x 3/4" mixed media wall art piece, in my shop when it's done. Hopefully within the next couple days. I will post a notice on my facebook page when it's ready for purchase.

Please let me know if you have any question.

Cheers! --Janyce

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