So organized I Don't Know What to Do With Myself!

storage cabinet.jpg

The neighbors were giving this storage cabinet away for free over the weekend. A friend and I lugged it down the street on a wheelbarrow! It is pretty beat up, but, as you can see, it makes a great place for my art supplies.

storage cabinet.jpg

The urge to organize won out over the urge to wait for a good weather day to paint the cabinet. I actually kind of like the "rustic" look and definitely don't have to worry about splashing paint on it. I may paint it in the spring, but in the meantime, I bolted some wire racks on the outside to hold my paints, gels, wax and matte medium. I'm excited to have a spot for my "stuff" that's actually off my work surface.

Still a bit more to do, but today was a great organizing day. I'm totally energized!

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