Greeting Cards - And Questions You Can Help Me Answer

Greeting Cards

I received samples of Greeting Cards with images of my collages in the mail last week. These are currently available through my shop on Fine Art America.

I wanted to see for myself what people are getting when the order. I am happy with the quality...and it got me thinking...

Greeting Cards: Birches, Blueberry Fields and Pink Flowers.jpg

How likely are you to purchase cards if you have to leave my website to go to the Fine Art America site?

Sage and Rose Campion, QAL and Butterfly Cards.jpg

How many cards would you be likely to purchase in one order? The cards are 5" x 7" and blank inside. Envelopes are included.

Would you order all one design or would you be more inclined to order a variety of designs?

Sunflower, Apple Blossoms, Trees Cards.jpg

Single cards are $4.95. Sets of 10 (of a single design) on Fine Art America are 3.95/card.

If I offered a variety pack of 5 cards through my Pinecone and Sparrow shop for $20, plus shipping, which of the following sets would you be more likely to purchase:

Set A: Sage and Rose Campion, Birches at Sunset, Trees, Wall and Yellow Sky, Pink Flowers in Purple Vase, and Blue and Purple Flowers in Vase

Set B: Apple Blossoms, Sunflower, Blueberry Field and Tree, Sage and Rose Campion, Trees, Wall and Yellow Sky

Set C: Please name your top 5 designs.

Yellow Flowers, QAL, Blue and Purple Flowers Cards.jpg

Thank you for taking the time to answer these questions. I am interested in your feedback and in making your shopping experience easier.


Janyce Boyntongreeting cards