Art Journal: Waxed Pages (No More Sticking!)

trees and yellow sky.jpg

A while back, I was having trouble with acrylic pages sticking together. My solution was to wax the pages. I had some butcher's wax on hand, so I tried that--and tucked the journal away to dry and, hopefully air out. The butcher's wax left a resin smell that was, at first strong.


The wax gave the pages a slight leathery feel, which I like...and, the best part is the odor dissipated over time. There is still a hint of resin smell left, but not bad, not bad at all.


From what I can tell, the wax has not hurt the acrylic or ink at all. It was dull in a couple places, but I was able to buff the surface and am satisfied with the result. I have ordered some Dorland's wax from a supplier online. I'll try that out with my next set of pages, but I'm super happy to get rid of the wax paper inserts and not have sticky pages!