Janyce Boynton with Collage.jpg

I discovered collage anew in the winter of 2014 when watching YouTube how-to videos I realized that cut-and-paste could be so much more than what I did in grade school art class as a kid. In fact, for me, collage brings everything from my past experiences as a self-guided artist (photography, printing, quilting, painting, designing) into one brilliantly versatile art form. Collage as fine art? What an epiphany!

Throughout my 17 years as an artist, I have participated in many retail shows in Maine, Massachusetts and Vermont. I also have experience selling online, and to wholesalers. I have 300+ hours of entrepreneur training and know my way around the business end of an art business. (Yes, artists can be business people, too!).

My collages are made using my own hand-stamped paper, with occasional embellishments not made by me such as thread, washi tape, and fabric.  My work is not mass produced. Much of the inspiration I get for my designs comes from photographs I take walking around my neighborhood.

Each collage carries with it a memory of the people, places, and creative influences that help bring the collage to life on canvas. Through my artwork, I seek to explore a deeper meaning, a deeper connection to the themes of nature that I so love.

It is my hope that you will find the Pinecone and Sparrow art collage that perfectly resonates with you and your own cherished memories. And, when you do, I am here to help make the transaction a smooth one.

Please contact me if you have any questions.